When The Going Gets Tough

Dr David Perrin

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After Four Canadian bestsellers in his "Country Vet" series, Dr. David Perrin is back with more accounts of his adventures as a veterinarian in the backwoods of southeastern British Columbia. Construccion on his dream home is progressing at a snail's pace, but everything else in Dr. Dave's complicated life is charging ahead full tilt. He's hired a recent graduate to assist with his practice and is moving to a new clinic. With faithful dog, Lug, at his side, dave deals with a multitude of eccentric clients and unpredictable patients: Petunia, the housebroken calf; Skroopchuck, the cat from hell; Snowball, the cockatoo with a taste for blood; Greta Maletta, the family pet who doesn't know she's a chicken; and Coonie, a wayward raccoon who lays claim to the family farm. A Horse in distress brings Dr. Dave in touch with romance again when he meets the owner. Although people say he can work magic with animals, can his charm work on the human species? Meanwhile, the new vet has everyone convinced he alone can solve their problems. While mentoring his assistant, Dr. Dave learns a few things about himself--that not everyone responds to the rigours of practice as he does, and that his protégé appears to be leaning to the dark side...