The Christmas Cat Tails

The Christmas Cat Tails

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From Peter Scottsdale - #1 Bestselling Amazon Author – Comes the “touching” Complete Trilogy of his “The Christmas Cat” Series

And Includes the Bonus Novelette – “Jasper: A Siamese Story"

This Book Features:

“The Christmas Cat”

Fred finds himself alone at Christmas time again until a stray cat, cold and hungry, enters his life.  Fred soon finds his life turned around by this gift of a Christmas cat.  A gift he needs to end his solitary life and get back to living.

"The Christmas Cat 2"

Coming from a family of cat lovers, nine year old Chelsey dreams of getting a Tuxedo Cat for Christmas. When her world is shattered, Chelsey must find a way to rediscover the meaning in her life with the help of her Christmas cat. Will Chelsey find her way and fall in love with her furry gift?

“The Christmas Cat 3”

It’s Christmas Eve and Alan wants to die.  His life is ruined and now he will let the bitter cold finish him off.  On his way to death, Alan meets a Ragdoll Kitten – a gift from God for a man who needs to see the light.  He has stood in darkness for too long – no job, no money, no woman, no home.  Light breaks through in the form of the Ragdoll Kitten, leading him to romance and faith.  In this inspirational romance, Alan and his cat must rebuild from nothing.  But the evil returns, threatening to destroy him, his love and his Christmas cat.  Will they survive the darkness or be led down the path of no return?