Puzzle - The Bohemian; 500-pc puzzle

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William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825 - 1905) was a realist, academic painter who enjoyed significant popularity in France and the United States for his classical works. Bouguereau’s focus was the human body, and the female form was the subject matter for the majority of his figure paintings. Fond of a photo-realistic style, Bouguereau devoted his talent into perfecting the figure in accurate form, depth, and detail. “The Bohemian” completed in 1890, is a testament to Bouguereau’s careful attention and dedication to his traditionalist ideals. The painting shows a young woman resting a violin in her lap as she sits on the south bank of the Seine with the Notre Dame cathedral in the distance.

The unique Art & Fable printing process produces richly colored puzzle pieces with a soft, velvety feel, and absolutely no distracting puzzle glare. The puzzles are European-Made, consequently having the overall quality (tight fitting pieces, low puzzle dust etc.) you would expect from puzzles made in this tradition.

Looking beyond the beautifully designed (and reasonably sized!) box, each puzzle contains 3 bonus features. First, is a sturdy, Velvet-Touch, print, suitable for framing. It will provide for maximum enjoyment of the artwork during puzzling and long after. Second, we provide a very handy box-top stand. And third, we provide a re-closeable bag to prevent lost pieces.