Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty -- Super Lava 3.5" tin


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Crazy Aaron’s Super Lava Thinking Putty

The color of lava depends on its temperature and will shift shades as it cools. Bright orange gives way to crimson copper. A dark, brownish red fades to black as the lava shifts from a liquid to solid. Experience this amazing color shift for yourself with Crazy Aaron’s Super Lava Thinking Putty.

When geothermal energy heats rock deep within the Earth, the molten result is called lava. Lava takes many forms, but the most well known erupts from a volcano or fissure in the surface of a planet.

Whether you stretch it, knead it, pull it, twist it, turn it, squish it, you’ll always have a marvelous time with Crazy Aaron’s Super Lava Thinking Putty!

Suitable for ages 3+