Road Tape

Engaging Minds for Learning

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With award-winning PlayTape, instantly create roads and rails for toy vehicle play anytime, anywhere!

It’s hours of entertainment on a single roll. PlayTape sticks to any flat surface and is easy to tear by hand and reposition. It peels up without any residue and is recyclable, so cleaning up is easy. PlayTape is compatible with, and made-to-scale for the most popular toy cars and trains on the market so you can use PlayTape with the toys you already have.

Directly compatible with and made to-scale for most popular vehicles on the market including: Siku, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Lego, Brio, Melissa & Doug etc.


  • Instant roads 2" wide for playing with toy vehicles anytime, anywhere.
  • Just unroll, stick, and drive!
  • Take PlayTape anywhere in your pocket or purse
  • Let your child turn their imagination into reality!
  • PlayTape is 100% Made in the USA.

Suitable for ages 3 & up