Playfoam - Shoot For The Moon - Yellow

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Want an unforgettable way to encourage and congratulate? Say it in style with colorful, sculptable Playfoam®! The perfect addition to presents, goody bags, and more, Playfoam Greeting Cards are too much fun to put down! These sculptable, squishable toy and card combos add a colorful surprise to any gift or party.
  • Supports good manners and social etiquette
  • Helps develop visual artistic talent
  • Encourages creative play
  • A great sensory learning tool
  • Includes 4 squishable, squashable cards with an adorable star design that will make your congratulatory wishes even more special.
  • Each card includes one pod of non-toxic molding material, Playfoam.
  • A perfect addition to a beautifully wrapped present or a welcome gift all on its own!
  • Playfoam is easy to store and won’t dry out. PLUS, it won’t stick to carpet, clothing, or any other fabric!