Numbers 1-120 Board Pocket Chart


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Ideal for teaching skip counting, odd and even numbers, and operations, the Numbers 1-120 Board pocket chart provides everything you need to teach number sense to your students.
The pocket chart measures 26" x 35" and features 120 clear pockets (2.5" x 2") for number placement and 5 storage pockets (5" x 3"). To meet the rigorous expectations of State Standards, the number cards go from 0 to 120 and they are color-coded to teach skip counting by 2s, 3s, 5s, and 10s.
The set includes a total of 288 number cards (2" x 2"):
121 black number cards
61 red counting-by-2 number cards
41 green counting-by-3 number cards
25 blue counting-by-5 number cards
13 purple counting-by-10 number cards
27 blank cards