Never Say Die

Dr David Perrin

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As he and his father wrangle over construction methods and almost everything else, Dave puts in overtime to deal with the medical concerns of his endearing patients. He meets some of the most improbable clients and frustrating cases of his career. His small animal practice thrives as snakes with indigestion, traumatized rabbits, and alcoholic dogs are deposited on his exam table. His large animal patients include horses with mysterious ailments, hogs that beep, heifers from hell, and goats that definitely have his number. They all provide the good doctor with challenge and excitement-enough to keep him from being bored in the backwoods of the Kootenays. His friend and assistant, Doris, figures prominently in keeping the anxious vet on the straight and narrow. As usual, his loving German shepherd, Lug, makes himself useful in desperate times. As reviewers say, "Dr. Perrin tells a good story."