Multiplication Workbook, Grade 3


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Spectrum(R) Multiplication for grade 3, is designed to completely support and challenge third graders to master multiplication. This 96-page math workbook goes into great depth about multiplication and provides a wide range of examples, practice problems, and assessments to measure progress. --*Builds a foundation in multiplying through 100 --*Step-by-step examples introduce new concepts --*Pretests and Posttests to measure progress --*Problem solving and critical thinking skills --*Correlated to the Common Core Standards --*Answer key --The best–selling Spectrum(R) workbooks provide students with focused practice based on the essential skills they need to master for Common Core success. With explicit skill instruction, step-by-step examples, ample practice, as well as assessment tools for progress monitoring, students are provided everything they need to master specific math skills. Skill–specific Spectrum(R) workbooks are the perfect supplement for home or school.