Honeymoon Bay

Joan Mettauer

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A honeymoon RV trip down Mexico’s Baja Peninsula goes very, very wrong . . .From the moment Andi Ruben reluctantly agrees to North’s proposal that they tour Baja California by motorhome, she has serious misgivings that only grow stronger the deeper they venture into Mexico.When ghosts from the newlywed’s past make a sudden and unexpected appearance in Cabo San Lucas, Andi is compelled to discover why they are hiding out in Baja California. She drags her reluctant husband along in her quest for the truth which puts not only their own lives, but also those around them, in danger too.Events spiral out of control when the leader of a powerful drug cartel orders that the honeymoon couple and their old friends be silenced. Intriguing, sizzling, and frightening, HONEYMOON BAY may have you rethinking your next holiday to Mexico.