Floating Ball Game


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Floating Ball Game - Demonstrates Bernoulli's Principle - Law of Pressure Differential -- Another classic science toy that is not only fun but teaches real scientific concepts. Made of wood. Comes with two styrofoam balls. See how long you can make the ball float. Challenge family and friends. Great party favor or holiday gift. -- The floating ball game is an excellent example of "Bernoulli's Principle". As air is forced around the ball it must move faster in order to "catch up" on the other side. The result is a decrease in air pressure around the ball that in turn keeps the ball in place. The force is strong enough to resist other forces acting on the ball such as a subtle tap from your finger. The force can also overcome gravity if the flow of air is strong enough. This can be demonstrated by turning the base of the pipe 15-20 degrees - the ball will remain suspended in the air flow even though it is not directly above it. Give it a try and see what you can discover!