Microgreen Grow Kit 1 pack

Microgreen Grow Kit 1 pack

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What a great way to learn about growing things?

1 microgreen growing trays

1 grow mats

1 packages of seeds Choose 1 from the following seeds: 

Sandwich Boost, Salad Spring, Microgreen Mix,  Brilliant Blend, Microgreen Salad Mix or Broccoli Brassica Blend

How to grow Microgreens
1. Wash the tray and lid
2. Soak the mat to make it damp
3. Place mat on top of rocks in black tray to keep it out of water
4. Sprinkle a package of seeds onto mat
5. Cover with the clear lid
6. Spritz seeds with water and cover
7. Place in a warm area ie windowsill or on counter
8. Sprouts should appear in a day or two
9. Continue to spritz the sprouts while they grow.
10. Taking off the lid once the sprouts start to grow
11. Harvest approximately one week after the sprouts have grown and enjoy them in your salad or sandwich