Butterfly Rearing Kit - Seasonal (Available Spring 2022)

10 Caterpillars

Caterpillars come in a 16 ounce rearing container, with paper under the lid, and enough caterpillar
nutrient to feed all the caterpillars throughout their development. An accessory kit is provided with
each kit which includes an extra piece of paper towel, a paintbrush, and a 2 ounce vial for feeding
the adult butterflies. The caterpillars remain in this 16 oz container, eating the food and pooping
(pretty much the only two things caterpillars do) for about 7-10 days, and when they are ready to
pupate, the crawl to the lid and affix their pupa (called a chrysalis) to the paper barrier at the top,
which provides an ideal surface for attaching to. The paper barrier can then be removed and hung
with a pin in a flight cage of the customer's choice (not included in kit). The butterflies
will emerge after 7-10 days in the pupa, and will need to be fed. After a few days, the butterflies can
be released.

 *note*  Flight cage sold separately 

No Deliveries on Live animals.