Retro Toy -Jack in the Box

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Who loved playing with their Jack in the Box? 

There is nothing like the feeling of  turning the handle and waiting for the clown to jump up and out of that toy, even though you know it is going to happen most people still are surprised and let out a squeal when that clown comes popping out.  As you turn the handle you hear the nursery rhyme "Pop goes the Weasel" being played and at Remember When and Engaging Minds we hear adults sing to their little ones as they turn the handle. 

The original Jack in the Box was made in Germany by a clock maker in the early 16th century as a gift for a local  prince. The original Jack in the Box was made of wood. Today the Jack in the Box is made of metal. 

Come in for a visit and play the Jack in the Box for your little ones. We have a wide variety of characters like the clown, kangaroo, dinosaur, sock monkey and puppy. 

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