Did you Know? Painted Lady Butterflies

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Did You Know? Painted lady Butterflies can fly up to 160 kms per day at nearly 48 km per hour. WOW that’s impressive!!! Because they can travel so far and so fast, they are known to live on almost every continent Worldwide exempt for two. Do you know which two? If you know the answer let us know in the comments . Did you also know we have butterfly raising /hatching kits you can pre-order from us? They are called Butterfly Rearing Kits and they are AMAZING!!! The experience and the memories made with one of these kits can last a lifetime. Such an excellent way to spend time with loved ones. Highly recommended for Children, families, special needs, seniors , classrooms , seniors housing, colonies and pretty much any place that could use something to look forward to. From caterpillars to butterflies , the experience is far more than words can express. The spiritual meaning behind a butterfly is to remind you that you can evolve into something greater than the present by transforming your thoughts. Butterflies symbolize purity and new beginnings. Visit us at www.engagingminds.ca Order your Butterfly Rearing Kit TODAY!

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